Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations America!

Seems there has been something of an awakening today. It's been a hellish six years. NOW CAN WE GET ON WITH STUFF, please?
Best, Truthdowser     (NASA photo of STS-66, tweaked by me.)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Does Hypocrisy really mean nothing
to the Armageddonists?

I've been blogging practically all day about this huge NEA-head, Ted Haggard scandal, but elsewhere, since I long ago became resigned that the people I was trying to reach with this blog actually go out of their way to avoid it. Since I have been so into this story, I figure that my own old Blogger presence needs a refresh. I started this little map-based illustration project over a year ago. (continued below)Something creeped me out about the geographical relationship that the New Life Church has with the United States Air Force Academy. (You may recall there was a bit of scandal there with oppressive Christian evangelizing on campus.) Today because of this Haggard scandal (and some of the specific details, can I discuss the salacious details?) make this view seem even creepier.

Ted Haggard has been leading not just his megachurch flock, but some 30-million (that's right) evangelicals as head of the NEA (National Evangelical Association). Worse is that in a sort of tag-team with Uber Evangelical Dr James ("take your boy in the shower") Dobson, have been doing weekly teleconferences with none other than George Walker Bush at PNAC HQ, 1600 PA Ave. Could this have ANYTHING to do with the New Crusades against their counter-part Armageddonists the Jihadists? (And is anyone else creeped out by the [ironically gorgeous] F-16 killing-machine monumentalised in front of the campus church?)

Anyway, to make the image I started with NASA WorldWind (which is like Google Earth only copyright-free), and this is looking directly West toward the Colorado Rockies. The USAF-Academy property is highlighted, but the main campus (including the c.1959 Walter Netsch designed Cadet Chapel) is just above the "Air Force" text.