Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why isn't "Corporate Personhood" in the common discourse?

If it isn't already clear to you, I have news for you. We don't live in a Democracy. It's becoming clearer to me today why. "The existence of corporate civil rights is the driving force behind the erosion of individual and community rights, the destruction of our democracy and of our planet."* (I can say this no better.) What is at the heart of a moment we laud in American history at Boston harbor in 1773? What was Senator John Sherman of Ohio dealing with in 1880?

The criminal abuse that is Corporatocracy, my friends, that's what. What to do about it? Well, first the truth has to get out there. It has to be understood by many more people why something that happened in 1886 is central to this mess. The national consciousness has to make a sea-change, and now. People have to take it on themselves to resist the on-going interests of the investment classes dumbing us all down.
*from POCLAD letter/press-release asking to consider reframing actions around individual and community rights.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Two Words to Describe the Age of GWB

With my anti Iraq invasion activism since early 2003, I've been trying to understand the astounding loyalty of the population to the cabal that took over Washington D.C. I've been thinking of creating an entry addressing this, as I come to understand it better. Well, I'm still working on it! For now here are two words (plugged into Google) that might just do a lot of my work for me. Click on this search to see what it brings up: religiosity authoritarianism It's a good start methinks. (Despite today's poll showing a new low for Bush's approval, many of us are still frustrated and amazed that 1 in 3 people are still on board. Yes there is work to do. Is it possible?)