Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bush Rewrites History, Claims He Never Made Saddam-9/11 Link

INCREDIBLE! Why has there been no Impeachment? wait, why aren't these people in JAIL?!
(Article on DailyKOS blog) ...and don't forget all the sound bites, the Meme* they created, every chance they could; Bush, Cheney and others: "9-11/Iraq", "9-11/Iraq", "9-11/Iraq", "9-11/Iraq", "9-11/Iraq", infinitum! So effective that at one point some
53 percent of Americans believed Saddam had been "personally involved" in 9/11!
*meme/memetic engineering - definition link updated 1/15/06

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ruining the Image of Cowboys?

Following the lives of two Wyoming cowboys from 1963 to 1983, Brokeback Mountain, soon opening in cinemas across the country, is causing a stir.

Why? The main characters happen to be in love. This has gotten some righteously offended.

Wyoming playwright Sandy Dixon, quoted in the Casper Star Tribune says: "Don't try and take what we had, which was wonderful -- the cowboys that settled the state and made it what it was -- don't ruin that image just to sell a book."

What? The pure, family oriented cowboy legacy besmirched?! A popular Right wing talking point these days has been about leftist historical revisionism,...Doh!....this, while they perpetuate old myths, and simultaneously create new ones.

Doesn't the very term "cow boy" connote someone other than a patriarchal saint?
Boys? Well, boys will be boys won't they, wink wink.
Should they now be referred to as cowmen? How's that for historical revisionism?

Homosexuality within an essentially homophobic grouping? Whoa, that's new! (Not!)
To state flatly that there was never such a thing as a gay cowboy, should sound nonsensical to anyone who thinks and doesn't blind themselves to reality.

Okay, one should accept the gay cowboy concept without evidence? Well, look a little deeper. Queer Cowboys?

Next the Radical Homo Revisionists of History will be suggesting that there was gay love in something like ancient Greek military ranks, ...pish posh. -- Dowser
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