Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Humour Intelligence" Required

You've probably heard about the importance of "Emotional Intelligence".... well, today I'm presuming to add the significance of something I'm calling "Humour Intelligence". (A quick "googling" didn't bring up that phrase.)

From the article in Wikipedia on Humour... "It has been postulated that the laughter/feel-good element of humour is a biological function that helps one deal with the new, expanded point of view."

....and then an insightful quote found at the website of George Monbiot, the author for whom right-wing fomenters apparently revived the "Librul Moonbat" epithet...

"Tell people something they know already and
they will thank you for it...
Tell them something new and they will hate you for it."

My theory is that those who follow "conservative", authoritarian, mean, war-mongering types have low "humour intelligences", and so when told of something new, they hate you for it. This makes them blind to the appeal of "new" ideas like progressive humanism for instance, instead behaving nastily in reaction.

So I propose rather than sending the kiddies to Sunday-school, that they attend classes in Humour-Intelligence. Among many aspects of this program one could imagine, it must of course be reinforced with strict performance requirements and frequent testing.

We could call it "Left's Kid Pushed Ahead".
(Just don't ask me to support funding for it...)

Nod to Marc Maron (of Air America Radio) (870 AM locally) for inspiration, like his "Guerilla Standup Videos" although these don't reveal his political brilliance so much. (scroll down to video clips.)

Gerald Bracey on "No Child Left Behind" via the Huffington Post.

(Christmas/Winter Solstice/Yule humor card artwork by Yours Truly)


Blogger Murphy J Stillwater said...

Liberals are so consumed with hate about anything "Bush" or "bush-related" that they are overlooking some great material. The many uses of the word "bush" in puns and other higher quality jokes are being brushed aside due to blind hate. The latest example of the burning hate is these radicals who have burned a soldier in effigy out west. These morons have no humor left.

The conservatives don't have a clue who they are anymore. They don't have time to have humor because they are spending too much time chasing their tails.

Independent Freethinkers like myself giggle all day long. We don't have a dog in this fight. I don't find liberals (per se) or conservatives (per se) uniformly correct on all positions. Therefore, they are fodder for my humor.

I flatter myself that my HI-Q is fairly high.

10:45 AM  
Blogger MRMacrum said...

As stillwater states, I also find abundant fodder for humor on both sides of the fence.Humans on their high horse just ask to be ridiculed. And there is no shortage of high horses in either barn.

I find the absolute best manifestation of humor is the ability to laugh at oneself, one's ideals, or one's loved ones. Humor keeps us grounded, especially me when my wife lays into me.

Anyway, found your blog looking for blogs by fellow Mainers.

9:52 AM  

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