Thursday, February 09, 2006

What's This About, Indeed.

Escathon wonders why Bush aide Claude Allen resigns to "spend more time with his family". Hmmm. Let's go a-googling shall we? Wait, what's this? Thru Wikipedia: Allen tied with Baker & Botts, L.L.P. According to this interesting site, "political friendster," Baker & Botts looks mighty suspicious...deep in corrupt and bloody oil money maybe. Check it out. LINK: Political - Baker and Botts

UPDATE: Duh! Baker & Botts, (founded Houston, 1866, serving railroad magnates then), is James Baker's outfit. That's all we need to know folks. Enron, Carlye Group, Halliburton, Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Azerbaijan, Zapata Petroleum,...Yup! Oil money laundering, war profiteering, murderous South American protection rackets, just the usual mobster stuff folks,...on a global scale that's all. (Hey, who you calling a conspiracy theorist?) There is also rampant speculation that Allen might be another closet White House homosexual, potentially more newsworthy than the Gannon/Guckert affair. Others think Bush's big embarrassment at CSK's funeral made him so red-faced he wanted to punish the nearest black person. (Condoeeza considers George her "husband" so that wouldn't happen.) Stay tuned.


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