Saturday, January 14, 2006

Word has it that God is on Extended Vacation

(Meanwhile, Chomsky does interview.)

Great blogs like AmericaBlog and others have at least several brilliant entries per day. I'm hoping for one a year, ( this rate maybe one a lifetime?) I started my blog to share things that have been getting me wound up but that some folk on my email list aren't necessarily excited to get in their personal in-box... ...none the less I think these are things people in my circle and beyond will want to read about. Things I obviously feel a need to communicate.

So what will my next entry be about? I've considered all sort of things:...the weird and very ugly abusive relationship between religious followers and their ruling class leaders, a movement that seems to want to send this country back to pre-revolutionary times; ...then there are similar global catastrophes that have been driving me nuts; (I know, short trip...) like 30 years of General Motors making stupid decisions culminating in their recent stroke of brilliance, taking an old GM SUV and changing the styling of the nose to make it look like a Saab and cynically trying to foist it off on people by selling it as some kind of fancy Scandinavian technology. MORE LIES! WAKE UP AMERICAN SHEEPLE! (er...sorry...) Now, how many yuppies do you think would dump their Saabs to drive an old GM truck? DOH! (Not that old GM trucks don't have their place, like on the worksite...) I'm also perplexed why Subaru would cooperate with the General by taking their scrappy little Impreza and allowing a bogus Saab nose to be grafted on! That messes with the integrity of the Saab AND Subaru brands. And guess what?, GM is essentially canning this short-lived idiotic program. (I coulda saved them the trouble, ...ha!) I didn't realize until recently that they suffered a FOUR BILLION dollar loss last year...yikes!

Oh sorry, car talk boring you? Ok, this post is really leading up to a piece by Noam Chomsky that I wish everybody would read. (This guy doesn't seem like such a wacky and dangerous radical at all anymore!) Ok, maybe the title sounds it...but you gotta admit, it is provocative. So I'm taking the liberty to rename it: WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS MESS, so as to not scare people off. Enjoy. (Oh, and as always, come back and check out all my nifty links I've culled for you in the side bar... ...the right margin of blog, with today's links spelled out below.)
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LINKS from entry above
-- Noam Chomsky: 'There Is No War On Terror' Interview by Geov Parrish, AlterNet 1/14/06
-- Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, a self-described former fundamentalist gives insight into the current political climate... on CounterPunch. (you have to scroll down a little bit)
-- AMERICAblog: the repeatedly (and currently) news-making progressive blog. (by John Aravosis in D.C.)
-- "Blogs 101", get a good introductory feel for top Web logs and blogging here. (New York Times blog!)
-- InsideLine auto news: GM Cancels Saab 9-6X Program -
-- GM sees better '06, stock still falls -
-- GM Launches Saab 9-7x at Ten Fashion Show - JALOPNIK Loves Cars Auto Blog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the blog by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, probably because she came from a family similar to my own and like her removed myself from the church at an early age. Even as a child of 10 or 11 I couldn’t believe the stories they told us in Sunday school. I was privately an atheist for a short period after I decided that god couldn’t have a son. Now I am a pantheist and firmly believe that the world would be much better off if there were no organized religions at all.

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